Hayden Panettiere in Bikini on a Luxury Yacht In France

Hayden Panettiere in a Bikini on a France Yacht

Hayden Panettiere is pictured her in Cannes, on the French Riviera relaxing on a luxury yacht in her beautiful bikini She is with friend on a yachting vacation in France and looks to be having fun – what a lifestyle. Celebrities love superyachts!

Hayden Panettiere is an American actress and singer who came to prominence at the age of eleven with her portrayal of Sheryl Yoast in Disney’s Remember the Titans. Some of Hayden Panettiere’s latest films include:

Alpha and Omega (2010) , Kate Carmel (2010), Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil (2010), Red Riding Hood, I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009), Heroes, Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King (2008) (V) (voice),  Fairy Princess Willow, Fireflies in the Garden (2008), Young Jane Lawrence “Robot Chicken”.

Hayden Panettiere was born on the 21 August 1989, Palisades, New York, USA.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her bikini body on a yacht

The reality star Kim Kardashian was photographed showing off her lovely body in a bikini while sunbathing on a motor yacht with her sister Kourtney. The Kardashian sisters had several pals with them on their yacht holiday off the coast of Miami. Kourtney Kardashian was not wearing a bikini while Kim was more than happy to be snapped in a bikini.

Kimberly Noel (Kim) Kardashian was born October 21, 1980. The celebrity is an American celebrity, socialite, actress, model, and television personality. Kim Kardashian is also known for her social life as well as her acting role on the E! reality show called ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her bikini body on a yacht

Tiger Woods Loves His Yacht Privacy

Given the crazy level of media hype regarding famous pro golfer Tiger Wood’s private life, of late, it is perhaps very lucky that the brilliant golfer owns a luxury motor yacht named PRIVACY. The yacht is a wonderful Christensen built superyacht where he can get away and enjoy the ultimate privacy onboard and hopefully an improved lifestyle.

Yacht Privacy

Tiger Woods Luxury Yacht Privacy

Motor Yacht Privacy Specifications:

Built by Christensen Yachts – There is a list of all yachts built by Christensen here.
Length Overall (LOA): 155’0″ or 47 m (some other yachts this length)
Beam: 29’6″
Construction: Fiberglass Composite
Classification: ABS, MCA
Fuel Capacity: 12,000 gal.
Water Capacity: 2,000 gal.
Engines: 2 x 1,800-bhp MTU Diesel
Generators: 2 x 99-kiloWatt Northern Lights Generators
Watermakers: 2 Village Marine WM
Stabilisers are Naiad
We look forward to seeing the brilliant sportsman back on the golf course. Perhaps the fesh air and tranquility aboard his luxury yacht will help clear the air.

Roman Abramovich motor yacht ECLIPSE launched!

On the 12 of June 2009 the luxury yacht motor yacht ECLIPSE underwent a preliminary launch at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg.

Motor yacht ECLIPSE

Motor yacht ECLIPSE

The superyacht will undergo further construction and finishing before being delivered to her owner, Roman Abramovich owner of Chelsea football club, later in the year…..

Abramovich is the owner of four motor yachts: Pelorus, Sussurro and Ecstasea and Eclipse. More info on the superyacht at www.liveyachting.com

Orlando Bloom on a Cannes Film Festival Superyacht

British superstar celebritiy actor Orlando Bloom is pictured here on a superyacht at the Cannes Film Festival 2009.

Actor Orlando Bloom Likes SuperYachts

Actor Orlando Bloom Likes SuperYachts

There is no more stylish way for a VIP celebrity to visiting Cannes than by staying on a beautiful superyacht.

Here Orlando Bloom is in Cannes during a photo shoot to promote the film ‘Main Street’ at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival 2009.

The luxury motor yacht Orlando Bloom was onboard is Rising Sun yacht, France.

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom was born 13 January 1977 and he is a classically trained English movie and television actor.

His breakthrough roles include a role as Legolas the elf prince  in The Lord of the Rings tirlogy and as the blacksmith, Will Turner, in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy of films.

His latest movies include:
New York, I Love You 
Sympathy for Delicious The Stain
Main Street
2010 The Cross

Ellen Loves Yachts

Here is a photo of Ellen enjoying a relaxing luxury yacht  vacation last summer.  Will she come back for another one this summer?  Who knows. 

Ellen on the yacht tender

Ellen on the yacht tender

Paris Hilton enjoying yachting.

Here is a great pic of the socialite celebrity Paris Hilton enjoying yachting. 

Paris Hilton on vacation

Paris Hilton on vacation

Indeed, Paris Hilton has declared her love for new boyfriend, American TV personality and baseball player Doug Reinhardt, insisting he’s the man she’ll marry.  Maybe she will have her wedding or honeymoon on chic a luxury yacht in romantic St Tropez or Venice.

Summer means celebrities on yachts.

LimeLife Image of Celebrities and Yachts

LimeLife Image of Celebrities and Yachts

Even though we are only in autumn, summer is quickly approaching.  When summer comes the celebrity actors, musicians, rock stars, fashion designers, entertainers, models and business people and the rich and famous are going to flock to their beautiful luxury yachts in the most amazing vacation spots in Europe.

Yachts are perfect for the rich and famous because they can more easily avoid the paparazzi – if they want to! Smart vacation move for famous and the ultimate in relaxation!  What a superb lifestyle.

Pictured: Cindy Crawford yachting around Sardinia hopping aboard George Clooney’s charter yacht in Sardinia, Bono in the Frech Riviera, George Clooney in St Tropez, Brangelina in Italy.

Pictured: Ben Affleck had some male bonding time on deck with Bradley Cooper and who could ignore gorgeous Bar Rafaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio, in Cannes, Crawford and George. Kid Rock shows off a tanned chest while partying on the Lido deck. Bar Rafaeli leaves Leo behind on the beaches of Cannes. Ben Affleck shares a joke with Bradley Cooper. P. Diddy, relaxes on board during his vacation in Ibiza.

David Beckham and Victoria

The Beckhams

The Beckhams

Here is a pic of the famous British footballer David Beckham along with celebrity wife Victoria Beckham.  The couple are on their way to jump aboard Roberto Cavalli’s private yacht.

Monica Bellucci loves Luxury yachts.

Here is an alluring photo of the beautiful and talented actress and model Monica Bellucci enjoying the pleasures of luxury yachts.  Here she is wearing the ideal vacation attire of bikini and sarong rap.  Still in great shape, Monica is ideal decoration of any luxury motor yacht’s deck.

Monica Bellucci Yachting

Monica Bellucci Yachting

About Monica Bellucci:

Monica Bellucci was born in Umbria, Italy. She is the daughter of Maria Gustinelli, a painter, and Luigi Bellucci, who owned an Italian trucking company.

Initially intending a career as a lawyer, Bellucci began modeling at 16 attending the Liceo classico to pay her tuition at the University of Perugia.

Monica Bellucci signed with Elite Model Management and by 1989 she was becoming prominent as a fashion model in Paris and New York City. She posed for Dolce & Gabbana and French ELLE, among others and in that year, Bellucci made the transition to acting.

Bellucci featured on the cover of the 2001 Esquire Magazine’sand in 2003 she was featured in Maxim and in 2004 she topped AskMen’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World annual list.

She speaks Italian, French, and English fluently, Spanish semi-fluently, and she has had speaking roles in each of these languages as well as in Aramaic for her part as Mary Magdalene in The Passion of the Christ movie.

Bellucci is married to fellow actor Vincent Cassel, with whom she has appeared in several films.  Together they enjoy vacations on luxury motor yachts in the summertime.

Her films include:
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
Shoot ‘Em Up
The Matrix Reloaded

Yachting Wallpaper

Just thought I’d throw up this lovely yachting wallpaper that I found over at LiveYachting here: http://www.liveyachting.com/subject/yachting-wallpaper

Bikini Girl sunbathing on a yacht

Bikini Girl sunbathing on a yacht

 Yachts and the female form – what could be better?

Beyonce and Jay-Z chartering a luxury yacht in the Caribbean.


Beyonce and Jay-Z are seen her enjoying a vacation aboard the luxury motor yacht Galaxy in the Caribbean wonderland St. Bart’s.


The rebellious Sasha Fierce is having fun on a jet ski and a water trampoline.


Beyonce and Jay-Z were chartering the luxury yacht Galaxy – a yacht that costs over 200K for a week.

A Luxury Yacht for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?


Angelina and Brad walking down the dock.

Angelina and Brad walking down the dock.

Around the middle of last summer reports began to surface that superstar actor couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were looking at purchasing a new luxury yacht to be built for them in Italy. (http://www.actressarchives.com/news.php?id=5016 ) Further later reports have stated that these rumors are inaccurate.  Does anyone know whether the famous couple are actually planning to own a superyacht? 

We truly hope they are going to own a boat as a private yacht would be ideal for them to escape the media and paparazzi and enjoy vacations of peace and solitude with their beautiful young family.  Like other famous celebrities, such as Tiger Woods, Eric Clapton, U2’s Bono and Johnny Depp, Brad and Angelina are sure to discover the benefits of a floating paradise away from the crowds.

Here is an extract from actressarchives.com back in April 11 2007:

“Now, it looks like Brangelina are going to start living the rich life on their own, as rumors are swirling that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will purchase a luxury yacht valued at roughly $137 million.

Despite the fact Angelina Jolie has added another child to the always-growing family in the form of Vietnamese toddler Pax Thien Jolie, she and Brad Pitt are reportedly ready to make the big-ticket purchase of a 240ft-long three-deck luxury yacht, according to Monsters and Critics. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reportedly ordered the massive luxury liner from a company located near Rome.

Perhaps Brad Pitt, an architecture enthusiast with an environmentally-friendly mind set, is preparing his family for the possibility of living on the boat, as the yacht comes more fully equipped than many houses do. The £70 million yacht will come complete with six ensuite bedrooms, complete with marble and gold fittings throughout. The massive yacht will also come complete with a helicopter pad, though there is no indication Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are buying a helicopter for their new yacht. As well, the 240-foot yacht will house a swimming pool and a full gym.

A&C reports that professional boat builder Mario La Via has confirmed the Privilege Yard near Rome has received an order for a luxury vessel with those specifications, though he would not say whether Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the people who had ordered the vessel.”

The couple actually tried out some yachting last summer around the time of the Cannes Film festival on a friend’s yacht (Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s yacht “Tatoosh), and the images of that can be seen here. https://celebritiesonyachts.wordpress.com/2008/06/12/hello-world/

Brad and Angelina are no strangers to yachting.

Brad and Angelina are no strangers to yachting.

Here at Celebrities on Yachts we sincerely hope that Brad, Angelina and family are indeed planning to try out the pleasures of luxury yachting.  We are sure that a superyacht will fit their busy lives ideally and provide the perfect respite and privacy. 

If anyone has any more recent information related to Brad and Angelina and luxury yachts, please make a comment below.

Abramovich meets James Bond to counter pirates!

Megayacht ECLIPSE will eclipse all other luxury yachts.

Megayacht ECLIPSE will eclipse all other luxury yachts.

Update: Superyacht Eclipse has now been launched.

Mr. Roman Abramovich has a James Bond approach to the largest private yacht in the world.  I found this article at LiveYachting.com so you can read more there.

Roman Abramovich has a fantastic solution for keeping pirates and other unwelcome visitors at arm’s length – a huge megayacht with all the toys imaginable! The Motor Yacht in question is to be called ECLIPSE and she will be the biggest yacht in the world!


Somalian pirates are a serious threat to commercial shipping presently. Mr. Roman Ambrovich is a very well known patron of the yachts and his solution is creating a motor yacht (megayacht ECLIPSE) which is complete with a missile detection system.

First, it will have radar designed specifically to warn of incoming rockets. And of course there will also be armored protection around the wheelhouse and the billionaire’s cabin – along with bullet proof windows.

If pirates do in fact do breach the security cordon and climb on board the beautiful superyacht and Abramovich, 41, can escape through secret corridors to a submersible submarine that is launchable underwater and can dive away to safety, up to 160ft in depth!

Some of the serious hardware on this massive yacht!

Some of the serious hardware on this massive yacht!

Motor yacht Eclipse will be the largest private yacht in the world and is rumoured to be about 508 feet (155 m) to 525 feet (160 m) long – even larger than Ambrovich’s the others in his impressive collection of yachts, such as the 37 foot Pelorus or Sussurro and Ecstase. The motor yacht is due for delivery next summer and is reported to be costing around £200m. She is currently under construction in the Hamburg, Germany by the shipyard Blohm + Voss that produced the famous World War II naval vessel the Bismarck.

Billionaire Roman Abramovich is famous for, amongst other things, being the owner of the Chelsea Football Club.

If you are surprised that such project will still go ahead in this economic climate, then be prepared for more surprise. So far the credit crunch has had little effect on the world of mega-yachts and according to ShowBoats International Magazine, 916 new private luxury yachts longer than 80ft are on order in 2008. This is an 18% rise from last year!

Larry Ellison owns 5th largest yacht

Larry Ellison - Motor Yacht RISING SUN

Larry Ellison - Motor Yacht RISING SUN

Larry Ellison owns a private luxury yacht – The fifth largest in the world, in fact.  She has a length of almost 138 meters (453 ft) and reportedly she cost over US$200 million to build.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Despite RISING SUN’s huge size she is actually sleek in profile and doesn’t blot out the sun like many luxury yachts this size.

Larry Ellison is the ninth richest man in the world and founder and CEO of Oracle. He’s worth around $18 billion, so he can afford to have a boat of this magnitude, even if it costs millions each year to just maintain it…

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison

The yacht provides a gymnasium/spa and sauna, an extensive wine cellar, a private cinema with a giant plasma screen, a basketball court (like Paul Allen’s yacht) on the main deck which can be used as a helicopter pad if necessary.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Larry Ellison is a great patron of yachts and yacht racing.  He owns an America’s Cup sailing team called BMW Oracle. BMW Oracle is currently battling Team Alinghi in the courts over the fairness of Alinghi’s organisation of the next event.

Sir Richard Branson Owns A Sailing Yacht.

Richard Branson Bought This Yacht

Richard Branson Bought This Yacht

The entrepreneurial superstar Richard Branson owns a superyacht.  Always the active adventurer his yacht of choice is a large sailing catamaran. By its very nature a sailing catamaran is the ultimate ecological yacht. 

Richard Branson has a fantastic record of doing great things for yachting.  A leading adventurer the ocean and sailing suits his love to explore and his ecological ideals.  He has attempted various sailing records, such as the recent Virgin Money transatlantic attempt.

Sir Branson also owns a beautiful Caribbean island called Necker Island.  No doubt he can use his beautiful sailing yacht to explore other surrounding tropical islands with family and friends.  He is famous for Virgin Records, Airlines, Money – amougst many other things.

The catamaran interior

The catamaran interior

The yacht is able to accommodate 10 guests.

Branson bought this yacht at the end of year 2005 at a time it was listed at $9.2 Million. He is also very active in record breaking attempts and the latest was an attempt at the transatlantic sailing record.

Richard Branson - Always The Inivator

Richard Branson - Always The Innovator

Mike Sanderson

Mike Sanderson when talking about the failed 2008 Transatlantic Record attempt on virgin Money: “Next time I tell you I’m going to take a 100ft sloop into 30-40 knots in the North Atlantic, I want you to push me in a room and lock the door.”

ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2006



Mike Sanderson is well known by insiders as one of the most experienced and successful ocean racers around at the moment.  In between transatlantic sailing record attempts aboard Sir Richard Branson’s yacht VIRGIN MONEY Mike has been skippering on the Volvo Ocean race.  The Kiwi (New Zealander) has a long and impressive sailing resume to long to list here but it includes skippering the last Volvo race winner and being skipper of British entry to the Americas Cup Team Origin.

The Superstars of Yacht Racing

Yacht racing as a sport has produced its own superstars.  In this section I would like to cover sailing sportspersons, famous racing yachts and the sponsors that make the great yacht races possible.


Alfa Romeo at the Superyacht Cup 2007

Alfa Romeo at the Superyacht Cup 2007



Celebrities on Luxury Yachts.

A very large luxury motor yacht in the background.  See below for stories and pictures of famous celebrities on yachts.

A very large luxury motor yacht in the background. See below for stories and pictures of famous celebrities on yachts.

Welcome to the celebrities on luxury yachts website blog!


We love luxury superyachts!  We are interested in all types (both motor yachts and sailing yachts, both new and old) and especially we love to see which famous celebrities are enjoying what type and style of yachts.  You can find more images and details on the yacht pictured above here.

Who are the rich and famous stars that love boats too? Lets see.

Please have a look around and feel free to leave your comments.  Enjoy!

Tigers Woods Wants Luxury Yacht PRIVACY

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Well its probably not surprising that famous pro golfer Tiger Woods owns a luxury motor yacht being a leading world sportsman.  Tiger named the superyacht PRIVACY because he and family and wife can enjoy the ultimate privacy onboard when they sail away from the media and fans.  Giving him valuable time away from the media buzz, PRIVACY may be one of Tiger’s most important pieces of golf equipment – even more than his putter.

Tiger Wood's Luxury Yacht PRIVACY

Tiger Woods owns this luxury yacht

Yacht PRIVACY was built by Christensen Yachts. She is 155 ft long with stabilizers, a Jacuzzi pool and is made from composite material.

The Yacht's Main Saloon

The Main Saloon on the Yacht

However, when you put down $20 million for a luxury yacht and call it “Privacy,”  you probably expect a little discretion from the company that sold it to you. So you can imagine why Tiger Woods was less than impressed at the Vancouver Shipyard Company for allegedly breaching a confidentiality agreement and braging to the world about the golfer’s purchase of the swanky megayacht.

The Owner's Stateroom

The Owner Cabin

Anyway, all is well now and Tiger and family enjoy cruising the world in privacy and safety.  Interestingly, another famous golfer Greg Norman also built and owned a large luxury motor yacht which is now called FLORIDIAN. It seems both legendary sportsmen have a little more than just golf in common.

Tiger Woods Relaxing and Cruising Out To His Main Yacht.

Tiger Woods Relaxing and Cruising Out To His Main Yacht.

Tigers Woods is a professional golfer who has more career major wins and career PGA Tour wins than any other active golfer.  His amazing achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Currently the World No. 1, he earned an estimated $122 million from winnings and endorsements in 2007 making him the highest paid athlete in 2007. Woods has actually won more pro major golf championships than any other male, and with 65 PGA Tour events he is the third all time in that respect.

Take a look at Donald Trump’s 86M Mega Yacht TRUMP PRINCESS

Take a look at the impressive 86m mega yacht TRUMP PRINCESS, now known as KINGDOM 5KR, in the video below, released by SuperYachtFan. Previously owned by Donald Trump, this imposing vessel was originally built in 1980, and was the world’s largest yacht at that time.

Currently owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, KINGDOM 5KR was built by Benetti Yachts and conceived from the design board of Fratelli Benetti and Bannenberg Designs Ltd. She featured as The Flying Saucer in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again, and can easily sleep an amazing number of 22 guests in pure luxury, looked after by a numerous crew of 31.

Donald Trump - Image credit to John Taggart—Bloomberg/Getty Images

Donald Trump – Image credit to John Taggart—Bloomberg/Getty Images

Current US presidential candidate, Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946. He is an American businessperson and media personality, and the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts.

Roman Abramovich’s wife enjoys winter vacation aboard £1.5billion giga yacht ECLIPSE

Last month saw Roman Abramovich‘s wife, Dasha Zhukova, enjoy a winter vacation with the family and friends aboard her husband’s £1.5billion giga yacht ECLIPSE on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy.

Dasha Zhukova with her friend aboard ECLIPSE and Adam Abramovich - Image credit to mirror.co.uk

Dasha Zhukova with her friend aboard ECLIPSE and Adam Abramovich – Image credit to mirror.co.uk

One of the largest private yachts in the world, the impressive 162-metre ECLIPSE was launched from Blohm & Voss in Germany in 2009. She boasts such innovative features as the arrangement of a generous open loggia, balconies for the guest suites, a futuristic inside submarine hangar and a helicopter hangar. Her superb and breath-taking interiors can comfortably sleep an amazing number of 34 guests in 18 tastefully appointed cabins, including a lavish owner’s suite and 17 VIP suites.

ECLIPSE - Photo by ship and yacht photographer Klaus Kehrls

ECLIPSE – Photo by ship and yacht photographer Klaus Kehrls

Roman Abramovich is a Russian businessman, investor and politician, best known as the owner of Chelsea Football Club. His wife, Dasha Zhukova, is a Russian-born businesswoman, art collector, magazine editor, and founder of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and Garage Magazine. They have two children.

Creator of Harry Potter series buys £22 million Amphitrite previously owned by Johnny Deep

Edinburgh-based author JK Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter series, has recently bought £22 million Amphitrite. This luxurious 156-foot yacht was originally named Vajoliroja and was owned by the Hollywood actor Johnny Deep.

Vajoliroja in Elba, Italy

Vajoliroja in Elba, Italy

Originally launched from Proteksan Turquoise (now Turquoise Yachts) in 2001, the three-deck Vajoliroja received an £8 million makeover by Depp in 2008, and subsequently was sold to an American shipping magnate in 2015. She provides elegant and beautiful accommodation across five lovely cabins. There are also plenty of entertainment options for guests to enjoy, including a great variety of water toys, such as waterski, wakeboard, windsurf, kayak and snorkeling capabilities.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling

JK Rowling, born 31 July 1965, is a British novelist, screenwriter and film producer best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series.  She represents one of the most successful authors of the modern era and is reportedly worth £580 million.

Tobey Maguire joins his friend Leo DiCaprio aboard 65m Benetti Mega Yacht SEANNA

Last week in St. Barths, the Caribbean, saw the 40-year-old actor Tobey Maguire join his friend Leonardo DiCaprio aboard the striking 65m mega yacht SEANNA, launched by Benetti in 2011.

Tobey Maguire joining his friend aboard 65m SEANNA by Benetti - Photo by X17online.com

Tobey Maguire joining his friend aboard 65m SEANNA by Benetti – Photo by X17online.com

SEANNA boasts modern interiors by Redman Whiteley Dixon, stylishly decorated in white with dark wood cabinets and paneling, with cream carpets and rugs, beautiful contemporary furniture and quality soft furnishings. The accommodation layout consists of 7 lavish staterooms, comfortably sleeping up to 12 guests.

Seanna by Benetti

Seanna by Benetti

Tobias Vincent “Tobey” Maguire, born June 27, 1975 is an American actor and film producer who began his career in the late 1980s. Nominated for Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe Awards and winner of two Saturn Awards, he is best known for his role as Peter Parker / Spider-Man in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man film trilogy.

Video: Mark Cuban’s Megayacht FOUNTAINHEAD in Miami

Owned by Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner Mark Cuban, luxury 88-metre mega yacht FOUNTAINHEAD was spotted by ZipZapPower in the video below, while anchored in the glamorous Miami, Florida. The breath-taking FOUNTAINHEAD was launched in 2011 as the third Feadship XL series vessel.

Feadship XL FOUNTAINHEAD can sleep up to 14 guests in pure luxury and style. She boasts the many special features usually found on a luxury superyacht of this size, however, she also bears such unique features as the basketball court on the aft deck.

Mark Cuban - REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Mark Cuban – REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Mark Cuban, born July 31, 1958, is an American businessman, investor, film producer, author, television personality and philanthropist. He owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres, as well as Magnolia Pictures. Moreover, Mark is also the chairman of the HDTV cable network AXS TV, and a “shark” investor on the television series Shark Tank.

Eye-catching 51m Superyacht REGINA D’ITALIA owned by Dolce & Gabbana

Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana own the eye-catching 51m superyacht REGINA D’ITALIA, boasting her own giant, custom-built, inflatable water slide. The striking REGINA D’ITALIA was built in 2006 by the prestigious Italian shipyard Codecasa.

Regina d'Italia by Codecasa owned by Dolce & Gabbana

Regina d’Italia by Codecasa owned by Dolce & Gabbana

Other cool features aboard the outstanding REGINA D’ITALIA include gold door knobs shaped like two outstretched hands as well as leopard skin throws, in addition to gold-veined marble floors and gold bathroom taps studded with sapphires and rubies. Moreover, each of the four guest cabins is named after an exotic animal: giraffe, elephant, crocodile, and rhinoceros.

Domenico Dolce (right) and Stefano Gabbana - Photo credit to getty images

Domenico Dolce (right) and Stefano Gabbana – Photo credit to getty images

Dolce and Gabbana, the Italian fashion house, was established by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985. They are primarily known for their clothes, but they also create footwear, handbags, sunglasses and watches.

Abramovich Giga Yacht ECLIPSE The Most Expensive Yacht Ever Built?

Owned by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, the breath-taking 163m (536’) giga yacht ECLIPSE is widely regarded as the most expensive yacht ever built. $1,000,000,000 ECLIPSE was delivered to her happy owner by the German shipyard Blohm & Voss in 2010. Experts even estimate that she costs around $75 million per year to run.

ECLIPSE underway

ECLIPSE underway

ECLIPSE simply has it all. She boasts such cool features usually found on luxury mega yachts as gym, swimming pools, wifi, two helicopter pads, as well as a large dance floor. She even hosts a missile defence system, anti-paparazzi system and bullet proof glass in some places.

Roman Abramovich - Image credit to thesun.co.uk

Roman Abramovich – Image credit to thesun.co.uk

Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich, born on October 24, 1966, is a Russian businessman, investor and politician. He is the main owner of the private investment company Millhouse LLC and owns the U.K.’s Chelsea soccer team.

Breath-taking 91M Lurssen Mega Yacht LADY LARA owned by Russian billionaire Alexander Machkevitch

SuperYachtFan has recently captured the breath-taking 91m Lurssen mega yacht LADY LARA, owned by Russian billionaire Alexander Machkevitch. She was spotted in Amsterdam – her second port of call, following her maiden voyage to Norway.

The all-new superyacht LADY LARA was delivered to Machkevitch this year, while his older 59m Benetti LADY LARA, launched in 2009, was put for sale. Built as Project Orchid, the 91m LADY LARA is designed by Reymond Langton Design and boasts superb VIP suites with fold down balconies and an amazingly generous beach club.

Alexander Machkevitch - Image credit to richestlifestyle.com

Alexander Machkevitch – Image credit to richestlifestyle.com

Alexander Machkevitch, born in 1954, is a businessman and investor. He is a co-founder of the Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation. His net worth is USD 1.8 billion.

Lurssen launch 156M Mega Yacht DILBAR (Project OMAR) for Alisher Usmanov – Russia’s richest man

Saturday, November 14, 2015 saw the German builder LURSSEN launch the imposing 156m mega yacht DILBAR, previously known as Project OMAR, reportedly destined for Alisher Usmanov – Russia’s richest man. The just-launched superyacht DILBAR was captured by DrDuu.

156m mega yacht DILBAR by Lurssen - Photo by DrDuu

156m mega yacht DILBAR by Lurssen – Photo by DrDuu

The fourth largest yacht in the world by length, DILBAR yacht is supposed to be the largest yacht in the world measured by volume. She was built for Usmanov as a replacement for his 110m Lurssen carrying the same name.

Alisher Usmanov - Photo credit to telegraph.co.uk

Alisher Usmanov – Photo credit to telegraph.co.uk

Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov is an Uzbek-born Russian business magnate, born on September 9, 1953. According to January 2015 Forbes website data, the oligarch Usmanov is Russia’s richest man, with a fortune estimated at $14.7 billion, and the world’s 58th richest person.

Striking 88m Lurssen Mega Yacht QUATTROELLE with Usain Bolt-designed gym

What better choice than world 100 metre champion and multiple Olympic medal winner Usain Bolt when it comes to creating the best superyacht gym? The striking 88m mega yacht QUATTROELLE boasts a light and airy Bolt-designed gym, fitted with the best gym equipment. QUATTROELLE yacht, also known as Project Bellissimo, was built by Lurssen to a design by Nuvolari Lenard in 2012.

Quattroelle Yacht - Gym Photo by Klaus Jordan

Quattroelle Yacht – Gym Photo by Klaus Jordan

Spanning over five breath-taking decks, superyacht QUATTROELLE is an amazingly large yacht with a relatively ample volume. In addition to her large, top class gym, she also boasts a helipad, spa/salon, cinema, art gallery, an eight-person Spa Pool, as well as a direct positioning system.

Usain Bolt - Image credit to telegraph.co.uk

Usain Bolt – Image credit to telegraph.co.uk

Usain St. Leo Bolt, born 21 August 1986, is a Jamaican sprinter. Regarded as the fastest person ever, he is the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records since fully automatic time measurements became mandatory in 1977. Moreover, he is the first man to win six Olympic gold medals in sprinting, and an eleven-time World champion.