Bar Refaeli photographed on a yacht.

You can go a long way before finding a woman as sexy and beautiful as Bar Refaeli.  These shots present her on a luxury yacht in a lovely blue dress.

The beautiful Bar Refaeli on a luxury yacht in a lovely blue dress.

The beautiful Bar Refaeli on a luxury yacht in a lovely blue dress.

Refaeli is a fashion super model, turned movie star actress, who has appeared in the French ELLE magazine, as well as becoming the first Israeli model to be featured in Sports Illustrated.

Bar Refaeli posses on a luxury yacht in Cannes

Bar Refaeli posses on a luxury yacht in Cannes

She co-starred in Israeli TV series Pick Up in 2005 and in 2009, Rafaeli is to star in a psychological thriller film called Session which is directed by Israeli Haim Bouzaglo.

Go Bar

Go Bar

A bikini shot:

Bikini Photo

Bikini Photo

Mariah Carey boating in Italy

Carey relaxing in the sun

Carey relaxing in the sun

Nothing like messing around in boats to bring out the bikini.

Mariah Carey on a luxury boat

Mariah Carey on a luxury boat

Mariah Carey the famous singer songwriter is sporting a bikini on a yacht off the coast of Italy. Who had the best bikini and bikini body this summer?? Mariah certainly made a strong run for the curvy body of the month and looks like she is having fun to boot.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Anne Hathaway and Raffaello Follieri Yachting

Actress Anne Hathaway seen here having fun on her luxury yacht

Actress Anne Hathaway seen here having fun on her luxury yacht


Hathaway and boyfriend Raffaello Follieri are seen here having fun on a luxury yacht.

Anne Hathaway pondering the water on the aft of a motor yacht

Anne Hathaway pondering the water on the aft of a motor yacht



Here the famous couple are ‘coupling up’ on the sundeck of the yacht.


The yachts Sundeck

The yachts Sundeck


Tigers Woods Wants Luxury Yacht PRIVACY

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Well its probably not surprising that famous pro golfer Tiger Woods owns a luxury motor yacht being a leading world sportsman.  Tiger named the superyacht PRIVACY because he and family and wife can enjoy the ultimate privacy onboard when they sail away from the media and fans.  Giving him valuable time away from the media buzz, PRIVACY may be one of Tiger’s most important pieces of golf equipment – even more than his putter.

Tiger Wood's Luxury Yacht PRIVACY

Tiger Woods owns this luxury yacht

Yacht PRIVACY was built by Christensen Yachts. She is 155 ft long with stabilizers, a Jacuzzi pool and is made from composite material.

The Yacht's Main Saloon

The Main Saloon on the Yacht

However, when you put down $20 million for a luxury yacht and call it “Privacy,”  you probably expect a little discretion from the company that sold it to you. So you can imagine why Tiger Woods was less than impressed at the Vancouver Shipyard Company for allegedly breaching a confidentiality agreement and braging to the world about the golfer’s purchase of the swanky megayacht.

The Owner's Stateroom

The Owner Cabin

Anyway, all is well now and Tiger and family enjoy cruising the world in privacy and safety.  Interestingly, another famous golfer Greg Norman also built and owned a large luxury motor yacht which is now called FLORIDIAN. It seems both legendary sportsmen have a little more than just golf in common.

Tiger Woods Relaxing and Cruising Out To His Main Yacht.

Tiger Woods Relaxing and Cruising Out To His Main Yacht.

Tigers Woods is a professional golfer who has more career major wins and career PGA Tour wins than any other active golfer.  His amazing achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Currently the World No. 1, he earned an estimated $122 million from winnings and endorsements in 2007 making him the highest paid athlete in 2007. Woods has actually won more pro major golf championships than any other male, and with 65 PGA Tour events he is the third all time in that respect.

Bono’s New Luxury Yacht.

Bono's luxury motor yacht

Bono owns this motor yacht

The Italian media have reported that Bono has shelled out millions of euros on a luxury yacht. Management at U2 have declined to comment on the reports.

Bono, a 48 year old famous rock singer for superband U2, one of the world’s best-known humanitarians and leading charity activists, is understood to have bought the superyacht Cyan. The luxury motor yacht was built by the respected Codecasa firm of central Italy.

Until recently, luxury yacht Cyan had a weekly charter price of between €140,000 and €175,000. It had an estimated asking price of over €15m.

“We don’t comment on the private lives of band members,” a spokesperson for the band said in replies to queries about the yacht yesterday.

Bono, his wife Ali Hewson, and their children were on holiday on the yacht last year, and were photographed disembarking when it docked in Naples in August 2007.

The 140 foot motor yacht has six cabins and room for 12 guests to sleep comfortably. Among its features are a large deck space, a Jacuzzi dip pool, a large swimming platform and a garage for holding “watersport toys”.

The interior is constructed with mahogany and limed oak, with each of the rooms fitted with plasma screen tvs, satellite TV, and dvd players.

According to the reports in the Italian media, Bono has repainted the yacht in blue and has an expensive new stereo system fitted. The sale price, however, is not known, with some speculation that it might top €20m.

Even that would be unlikely to put too much pressure on the Dubliner’s bank account, however, as he has an estimated personal wealth approaching €200m.

U2 has sold more than 140 million albums worldwide and will release a new album early next year.

Codecasa, who were founded in 1825 and started out making wooden boats, built the yacht in 1997 for a group of European ship owners and it was extensively refitted in 1999.

The Italian yacht builder has sold yachts in the past to famous names such as fashion designers Giorgio Armani, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Giorgio Armani’s yacht, the Mariu, is 210-feet long and when not in use he rents it out with a price tag of €180,000 per week.

Photographer fined for Princess Diana and Dodi luxury yacht photos

Princess Diana relaxing on a luxury yacht

AFP:- A Paris appeals court has convicted British celebrity photographer Jason Fraser of invasion of privacy by snapping photos of Princess Diana kissing her boyfriend Dodi Fayed on a luxury yacht.

It overturned on Thursday the not guilty verdict made by another court in 2006 and fined Fraser, as well as the publisher of the France Dimanche weekly which published the pictures in 1997, 3,000 euros (2,400 pounds) each.

Fraser, 41, was also ordered to pay Mohamed Al Fayed, Dodi’s father, 5,000 euros (3,900 pounds) in damages. The convicted men were also told to pay him 3,000 euros towards his legal fees.

It was Mohamed Al Fayed, the Egyptian-born billionaire owner of London’s upscale Harrods department store and the Ritz Hotel in Paris, who took the case to court.

They showed Diana and Fayed kissing on a yacht off the Italian Riviera village of Portofino shortly before the crash, and reportedly earned Fraser more than two million euros in sales to British tabloids and abroad.

He was taken to court in France because those British newspapers were available in France, and because the photos were also reprinted in the French publications Paris Match and France Dimanche.

The court in 2006 had found Fraser not guilty because it accepted arguments that the privacy of Diana and Fayed had not been breached because they had not tried to hide from photographers as they relaxed on the yacht.

But the appeals court on Thursday took a diametrically opposed view, ruling that not hiding from photographers “could not in any way be interpreted as an implicit acceptance that their pictures be taken.”

It noted that this argument was all the stronger because of the great lengths to which photographers went to take such pictures, using powerful zoom lenses, helicopters, and boats to snap celebrities.

The court said that France Dimanche for its part had published pictures “showing the couple in a moment of intimacy (in photos) taken by means which invaded their privacy.”

But Fraser’s lawyer William Bourdon said “the ruling is extremely questionable legally … we have high hopes that the supreme court will overturn this strange ruling.”

London-born Fraser, who speaks fluent French, was said to have been in close contact with Diana in the weeks before her death, but he was not in Paris the night of the crash that killed her and Fayed.

He told the BBC in 2002: “I was the person who revealed her relationship, I don’t know whether that feels good or not, but I will be remembered for it.”

TV presenter Vernon Kay victim of sad yacht joke.

Vernon Kay not on a yacht in Greece

Vernon Kay not on a yacht in Greece

TV presenter celebrity Vernon Kay was said to have died on a yacht in Greece by a Wikipedia page about the presenter. Vernon Kay is happily married to fellow TV presenter Tess Daly, and he is very much alive and was never on a boat!

Vernon himself, 34, quickly spoke up to dismiss the prank.

‘I am alive and kicking,’ he tells The Sun. ‘A few friends rang to check that I was all right. I wish I was on a yacht in Greece.’

Vernon Kay set the record straight today to confirm he is alive and well after cruel hoaxers spread rumours he had died on wikipedia about the boating accident.  This clearly highlights that the information on Wikipedia obviously cannot be trusted.

An entry was posted on his Wikipedia page claiming that the TV star had drowned in a boating accident.

‘Vernon Kay sadly passed away after falling off a yacht on holiday in Greece on the 12th of September 2008,’ it said. ‘Kay, his wife Tess Daly and their daughter Phoebe were on the yacht.

‘Kay was spotted on his mobile by photographers before tragedy struck. He was waving to the photographers and slipped and fell off of the edge of the yacht and was knocked unconscious.’