Larry Ellison owns 5th largest yacht

Larry Ellison - Motor Yacht RISING SUN

Larry Ellison - Motor Yacht RISING SUN

Larry Ellison owns a private luxury yacht – The fifth largest in the world, in fact.  She has a length of almost 138 meters (453 ft) and reportedly she cost over US$200 million to build.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Despite RISING SUN’s huge size she is actually sleek in profile and doesn’t blot out the sun like many luxury yachts this size.

Larry Ellison is the ninth richest man in the world and founder and CEO of Oracle. He’s worth around $18 billion, so he can afford to have a boat of this magnitude, even if it costs millions each year to just maintain it…

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison

The yacht provides a gymnasium/spa and sauna, an extensive wine cellar, a private cinema with a giant plasma screen, a basketball court (like Paul Allen’s yacht) on the main deck which can be used as a helicopter pad if necessary.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Larry Ellison is a great patron of yachts and yacht racing.  He owns an America’s Cup sailing team called BMW Oracle. BMW Oracle is currently battling Team Alinghi in the courts over the fairness of Alinghi’s organisation of the next event.

5 Responses

  1. Just saw the Rising Sun today, anchored off the Tobago Cays in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We think it was moored in Admiralty Bay on Bequia several days before. What a gorgeous boat that is!

  2. My girlfriend and I, we saw this huge super duper yacht last Monday, anchored in the harbour of Cagliari/Sardinia-Italy. The staff did some outside cleaning.
    In deed, what a gorgeous boat it is!

    I would have liked to visit it and had an elevator speech with Larry Ellison! 😉
    Well, back to normal work on Monday !

  3. The yacht is in Greek waters… Actually i saw it this noon at Ithaca’s Afales beach in Greece.

    It was huge and impressing…

    Some of the crew went out on the beach and stood some umbrellas for the sun and tables and beach beds with towels with the “R.S.” logo on it. When they saw our boat comming and fill the beach they packed their things and sailed away to the Ionian sea

  4. People have yacht so they NEVER have to stay in crappy hotels..

  5. The Rising Sun is docked in Cape Town. An amazing boat!!

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