Creator of Harry Potter series buys £22 million Amphitrite previously owned by Johnny Deep

Edinburgh-based author JK Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter series, has recently bought £22 million Amphitrite. This luxurious 156-foot yacht was originally named Vajoliroja and was owned by the Hollywood actor Johnny Deep.

Vajoliroja in Elba, Italy

Vajoliroja in Elba, Italy

Originally launched from Proteksan Turquoise (now Turquoise Yachts) in 2001, the three-deck Vajoliroja received an £8 million makeover by Depp in 2008, and subsequently was sold to an American shipping magnate in 2015. She provides elegant and beautiful accommodation across five lovely cabins. There are also plenty of entertainment options for guests to enjoy, including a great variety of water toys, such as waterski, wakeboard, windsurf, kayak and snorkeling capabilities.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling

JK Rowling, born 31 July 1965, is a British novelist, screenwriter and film producer best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series.  She represents one of the most successful authors of the modern era and is reportedly worth £580 million.

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