Celebrities on Luxury Yachts.

A very large luxury motor yacht in the background.  See below for stories and pictures of famous celebrities on yachts.

A very large luxury motor yacht in the background. See below for stories and pictures of famous celebrities on yachts.

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We love luxury superyachts!  We are interested in all types (both motor yachts and sailing yachts, both new and old) and especially we love to see which famous celebrities are enjoying what type and style of yachts.  You can find more images and details on the yacht pictured above here.

Who are the rich and famous stars that love boats too? Lets see.

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Nicholas Cage sells his yacht

Nicholas Cage Yacht

Nicholas Cage Yacht

Nicholas Cage is now selling his lovely luxury yacht.  Will he buy another one?  Some reports suggest that he is liqifying some cash and selling more than just his yacht. 

nicolas cage

nicolas cage

I the credit crisis and the state of the economy affecting the super rich and famous too? 

Here is a video of Nicholas Cage exercising on the yacht in Genoa, Italy.

The motor yacht

The motor yacht

Luxury motor yacht ‘Sarita’ has impressive decks are superb for activities, sunbathing, dinning and general relaxation. Even though ‘Sarita’ is capable of accommodating twelve guests, each one can find freedom and space around her spacious outdoor areas which include an aft deck, sun deck and upper deck!

Working out on deck

Working out on deck

Other features which make “Sarita’ great include water toys such as jet-skis, water skis and kayaks. She is available for charter in the Caribbean in winter and the Mediterranean in summer.

The aft deck where Cage entertains friends.

The aft deck where Cage entertains friends.

Nick Cage is a movie actor staring in many films winning an Academy Award, for his performance as a suicidal alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas.  He was earlier married to singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, and is now married to Alice Kim, a former waitress.

water toys on the yacht

water toys on the yacht

Chinese King marries table tennis star on a yacht

Chinese King gets married

Chinese King gets married

China’s four-time Olympic table tennis gold medalist Wang Nan (R) laughs with her husband Guo Bin aboard a yacht to celebrate their wedding in Yantai, Shandong Province, Sept. 27, 2008. (Xinhua Photo)

China’s four-time Olympic table tennis gold medalist Wang Nan (L) ties the knot with her long-time partner Guo Bin aboard a yacht in Yantai, Shandong Province, Sept. 27, 2008. Wang’s teammate Ma Lin, the reigning Olympic men’s table tennis champion, and Japan’s most popular table tennis star Ai Fukuhara were best man and maid of honor respectively.

The ceremony

The ceremony

Amy Winehouse On A Yacht

Amy and Blake on a Yacht

Amy and Blake on a Yacht


Here is an image of Amy Winehouse the music singer enjoying a spot of boatting with her boyfriend.  Don’t they look happy.  Amy has also been seen on a motor boat called Moby Dick.

TV presenter Vernon Kay victim of sad yacht joke.

Vernon Kay not on a yacht in Greece

Vernon Kay not on a yacht in Greece

TV presenter celebrity Vernon Kay was said to have died on a yacht in Greece by a Wikipedia page about the presenter. Vernon Kay is happily married to fellow TV presenter Tess Daly, and he is very much alive and was never on a boat!

Vernon himself, 34, quickly spoke up to dismiss the prank.

‘I am alive and kicking,’ he tells The Sun. ‘A few friends rang to check that I was all right. I wish I was on a yacht in Greece.’

Vernon Kay set the record straight today to confirm he is alive and well after cruel hoaxers spread rumours he had died on wikipedia about the boating accident.  This clearly highlights that the information on Wikipedia obviously cannot be trusted.

An entry was posted on his Wikipedia page claiming that the TV star had drowned in a boating accident.

‘Vernon Kay sadly passed away after falling off a yacht on holiday in Greece on the 12th of September 2008,’ it said. ‘Kay, his wife Tess Daly and their daughter Phoebe were on the yacht.

‘Kay was spotted on his mobile by photographers before tragedy struck. He was waving to the photographers and slipped and fell off of the edge of the yacht and was knocked unconscious.’

Naomi Campbell Yachting in the Mediterranean

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

The famous supermodel Naomi Campbell is seen here on the back of a luxury yacht in a bikini, fresh from a Mediterranean swim.

The man she is kissing is her billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, a property developer, AKA Moscow’s Donald Trump.  What a way to spend the day on vacation.The rich and fabulous couple took a romantic cruise near Saint Tropez aboard the amazing luxury yacht Lady in Blue.

St Tropez, is definitely the 2008 summer hotspot for celebrities and superyachts are the best place to be.Naomi is also below on a tender to a yacht, reportedly in Ibiza, Spain.

Clooney, Bono and Crawford on yachts.

Famous film actor George Clooney, U2’s Bono and the gorgeous Cindy Crawford have been vacationing on the French Riviera.  Cindy can bee seen below looking stunning swimming of the aft deck of a luxury motor yacht. Mr. Clooney can be seen ‘chilling out’ reading a newspaper with sophistication on the yacht’s deck.  The A-list crew have been spending their days swimming, jet skiing and generally being fabulous aboard the luxury yacht.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford, her husband Rande Gerber, Jerry Weintraub and George Clooney sun themselves on the superyacht in St Tropez. Cindy Crawford, 42 years old, showed off her super-model style as she soaked up the sun in a bikini at St Tropez with actor friend George Clooney.

Cindy and her husband Rande Gerber are entertaining George, who recently split up with former cocktail waitress Sarah Larson, aboard their charter yacht off the south of France. Cindy Crawford shows off her sensational figure in a tiny bikini as she cools off in the sea. Cindy showed that she is still looking sensational at the grand old age of 42 as she took a dip in the Med near the famous shores of millionaire’s playground of St Tropez.

Later this month, George will be reunited with another one of his famous buddies, Brad Pitt, who will take a break from cuddling his baby twins to promote the Coen Brothers film Burn After Reading, at the Venice Film Festival.

Following on from their St Tropez jaunt, the group of friends made a stopover by yacht to the little French village of Eze and visited U2 singer Bono’s wonderful seaside house.

The rock star Irish lead singer for super group U2 has a place which is a popular haunt for celebrities in the area and as such Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie (Brangelina) and Robert De Niro recently took their families on vacation there.

Want to know where to go to find a luxury yacht for yourself, so you can join the A list?  Well, it seems you can either charter them, or buy them, but they are not cheap!

Leonardo Di Caprio’s luxury yacht vacation

Famous actor Leonardo Di Caprio has been soaking up the sun on his luxury charter yacht off the coast of Ibiza.


Shirtless, Leonardo lounged around his yacht and relaxed – smoking cigarettes and taking in the beautiful sights with his binoculars. Leonardo soaked up the sun whilst enjoying time on the water with friends
Leonardo Di Caprio relaxed with his glamorous female guest aboard his luxury holiday yacht.

Meanwhile his beautiful Israeli girlfriend Bar Refaeli has been enjoying her own holiday – basking in the sun in the South of France and Spain.
Leonardo, 33, has stared in various blockbuster movies such as The Titanic, The Aviator, Blood Diamond and The Beech. He is tipped to be involved in a remake of the hit sci-fi TV series The Twilight Zone. The actor and his production company are said to be looking for pitches and script ideas for a feature length movie.
The Twilight Zone was apparently Di Caprio’s favourite TV show, but it is not yet known if he will star in the new adaptation. Between 1959 and 1964 ‘the twilight zone’ spanned over 150 episodes in the US.  The series had a story set around ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, with a sci-fi twist.

Sylvester Stallone vacations on a superyacht.

Hollywood movie star Sylvester Stallone is vacationing with his wife, the lovely Jennifer Flavin, and family on board retail entrepreneur Philip Green’s luxury yacht LIONHEART. Stallone can be seen below, complete with tattoos, enjoying a spot of holiday sunbathing on the superyacht.

The veteran Rocky and Rambo actor looks buff as ever he enjoyed a holiday with his family in the Spanish Balearic island of Formentera. Sylvester Stallone’s beautiful wife, former model Jennifer Flavin, also caches attention in a tight-fitting white shirt showing her amazing figure. The couple, who have been married for 11 years, lapped up the sunshine in their luxurious water surroundings.

Stallone’s massive shoulder art complimented his incredible set of bulging muscles.  The trendy tattoos are the latest addition for the famous actor. And for a man in his sixties, Stallone still cuts a dashing figure.  A legendary fitness fanatic for over 30 years, Stallone rigorous exercise regime is enables him to look pretty darn good for his age.

In the past two years, Stallone has pushed his body to the limit weight training to look the part when reprising his most famous roles in Rocky Balboa and Rambo, both of which he also scripted and directed, proving he’s not just brawn.

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas on Yacht in St Tropez, France.

Lounging around on a luxury yacht in St Tropez on a beautiful summer day in the South of France – what could be better? The beautiful star actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and dashing movie star hubby Michael Douglas have been doing just that, hanging out and relaxing with family & friends.  And who could blame them?

St Tropez is THE place where the rich and famous hang out on their superyachts in the Mediterranean.  Sardinia and Portofino are other yachting hotspots where the rich and famous have vacations.

Catherine’s Riviera style consisted of a black kaftan worn over a black bikini, black shades and an enormous black hat. And while the Daily Mail seems convinced that she’s “lost her curves”, what would they know? This is rubbish as she looks beautiful and stylish as ever.

Namely: beautiful, slightly curvy, and ridiculously, unbelievably rich and famous. Some people were just born to lounge around on yachts, weren’t they? It suits them.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a famous and accomplished British actress and native of Wales. She is now based predominantly in the United States. She has appeared in Hollywood movies such as The Phantom, The Mask of Zorro, and Entrapment and she won an Academy Award, BAFTA Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.  She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for portraying Velma Kelly in the 2002 film adaptation of Chicago.

Michael Douglas is also a famous actor winning best actor in Wall Street.  He is also an accomplished producer.